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How to use your Gem Visa

Make the most of Gem Visa every day

Activate your CardShow more

How do I activate my card?

To activate your credit card call us on 0800 500 505 and follow the prompts. Don't forget to sign your card immediately

Why do I have to activate my card?

For security reasons, cards are sent to you inactive. Activating the card validates that it's been received by you.

PayWaveShow more

Pay with Visa PayWave

With Gem Visa, you have an even faster way to pay for purchases under $80. Be on your way faster, all without swiping, signing or entering your PIN1. Don’t worry – your security is still protected.

Just wave your card and go
  1. Look for the contactless symbol in store
  2. When prompted, hold your card near the reader
  3. 4 green lights will appear in less than a second
  4. You're done - and can be on your way

1 Occasionally you may need to enter your PIN to help authenticate the transaction

Access CashShow more

How can I access cash with my Gem Visa?

You can use your Gem Visa to make cash withdrawals from any ATM displaying the Visa logo. You can also withdraw cash over the counter at any bank or financial institution displaying the Visa logo.

When withdrawing cash overseas, your account will be debited for the amount in New Zealand dollars at that day's exchange rate as fixed by Visa. For further details refer to your Conditions of Use. This is a convenient alternative to traveller's cheques or currency exchange vendors.

Interest on cash advances is charged from the date of withdrawal. Fees and charges will apply for cash withdrawals.

A daily cash limit may also apply.

See our Rates and Fees page for more details.

Make an everyday purchaseShow more

Your Gem Visa can be used for everyday purchases, just like a normal credit card and receive up to 55 days interest free2. You can use your Gem Visa anywhere Visa is accepted both in-store and online.

2 Provided you pay the "Payment to reduce further interest" amount shown in your monthly statement by the payment due date.

Interest free purchasesShow more

How do I make a long term interest free purchase?

To receive 6 months interest free on any Visa purchase over $250, all you need to do is pay using your Gem Visa credit card in the usual way (select 'credit' at the EFTPOS terminal) - it's that simple. The 6 months interest free is then automatically applied to your purchase.

For longer interest free terms, if you're already a cardholder, present your Gem Visa at any participating store. The sales person will advise you on the interest free promotions that are currently available. You can then purchase up to your available credit limit.

Online Access to Your Account Show more

Online Service Centre

We have been making some exciting changes to the Online Service Centre and you'll notice that it's become easier to use with better features. Some of the changes you'll see include:

  • Being able to view pending transactions immediately, without a delay
  • Our website is designed to adjust to any device - mobile, tablet or PC. Making it easier to read and navigate
Need to register for the Gem Visa Online Service Centre?

It only takes a few minutes. Just make sure you have your mobile phone on hand. If not, please have your card plus a recent statement with you to help answer some questions.

Register now